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Makitso® Blade Wheel Trolly

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Makitso® Blade Wheel Trolly

Check for availability and turn around time.

Available For:

  • Blade 32″
    • Black: BLADE-P-BWT32
    • White: BLADE-P-WWT32

Dimensions: 26″x3.2″x21.7″ (660X80X550mm)
Weight: 11.64 lbs (5.2 kg)

  •  Blade 40″
    • Black: BLADE-P-BWT40
    • White: BLADE-P-WWT40

Dimensions: 29.6″x3.2″x22.9″ (750X80X580mm)
Weight: 13.22 lbs (6 kg)

  • Blade 50″
    • Black: BLADE-P-BWT50
    • White: BLADE-P-WWT50

Dimensions: 34.7″x4.45″x20.87″ (880X80X580mm)
Weight: 15.87 lbs (7.2kg)

  • Blade 58″
    • Black: BLADE-P-BWT58
    • White: BLADE-P-WWT58

Dimensions: 38.6″x4.45″x20.87″ (980X80X580mm)
Weight: 17.63 lbs (8 kg)

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